Vinicius Tersi is the founder of the Tersi Advocacia office, based in Brasilia. The office’s mission is to offer legal solutions that adhere to our clients and partners reality, aiming to build long lasting relationships. The office was based around our experience in serving clients in the Personal and Family Heritage area, in relation to assets located in Brazil and abroad.

This area deals with individual’s assets legal organization and attend three possible objectives: tax burden optimization (tax planning), succession planning and asset preservation.

In it, the assets items considered are: real estate, financial assets, equity interests and high value movable assets.

Besides that, we also consider people’s legal status in relation to their own assets, in terms of residence or tax domicile in Brazil and other jurisdictions.

Brazil definitive exit planning double

Tax residency compliance

The non-resident exam in Brazil

Tax and foreign exchange regularization

Planning of the acquisition of brazilian tax residency

Real estate planning

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Vinicius Tersi is a Lawyer, specialized in international tax law.

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